One of the primary aspects of the blockchain is also highly covered with ZooGames: security.

Two-factor Authenticator (2FA)

Setting up two-factor authenticator (2FA) is mandatory in order to play on ZooGames. This method provides additional security as it requires two-distinct forms of authentication and does not need to register credentials.

On ZooGames, all major applications such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator are compatible with this 2FA procedure.

In the event of a user loosing his 2FA, there is a possibility of resetting it via the "Reset 2FA" option in the top right corner of the screen.

Mirror address

When a user creates a ZooGamesID and link his primary address, the protocol automatically generates a mirror address (on the Wanchain network) for gaming purposes.

A mirror address acts as a contract and only the master contract is allowed to interact with mirror addresses. The master contract is controlled by APIs.

This means:

  • No direct access to primary and secondary addresses;
  • No Private Keys or other credentials are stored / recorded;
  • Users can utilize funds as they see fit, in any situation;
  • Maximum security for users;
  • Decentralized protocol.